Training Case History

Below you'll find a video of Running Order, which details his progression throughout the four years he spend at DPE. In 2012, following his CCI**** debut at Rolex Kentucky, he was purchased by William Fox-Pitt.



Dressage is the first of three phases in an Eventing competition. Click here to view and explanation.

The second phase is cross-country, where the horse and rider gallop over an outside course of solid fences, which the horse has never seen before. Each competitor is judged solely on the combination's jumping ability and how well they stay within the time allowed to complete the course.   

The third and final phase is show jumping. This is also a timed event, and takes place in a jumping arena with twelve to fifteen jumps. This final phase tests the stamina and fitness of the horse after the cross-country phase. The horse and rider in addition to being timed are judged on the precision of their jumping efforts. Penalty points are assessed for knocking down rails, or disobedience's. The lowest combined score from the three phases wins the competition.