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Equestrian Industry Profile
As a sponsor of DPEquestrian, you will reach an audience with the following demographics:

Income $150,000 40%
Average Home Value $421,000  

Additional Residences
1+ 27.2%
Education College 80%
Airline Travel 16+ trip per year 43.1%
Travel Frequency Frequent Flyer Club member 78.4%
Credit Cards 1+ 97.3%
Vehicles Purchased within last year 55.3%

According to a recent survey commissioned by the American Horse Shows Association, more than 7.1 million Americans are involved in the equestrian world and an economic impact of $112.1 billion. In fact, one in every 35 Americans is involved with horses in some fashion. The horse industry supports 1.4 million full-time jobs and total taxes paid total over $1.9 billion.)


    Sponsorship Bennifits Include:
    • Your logo on DPEquestrian's 40-foot horse trailer and truck.
    • Your logo on DPEquestrian's saddle pads
    • Your logo on DPEquestrian's horse blankets
    • Your logo on shirts, jackets, and caps worn by DPEquestrian Members
    • Your banners displayed at clinics, tack and storage rooms at competitions
    • Space and reciprocal website link on
    • Personal appearances by Doug Payne
    • Use of DPEquestrian's images in advertising
    • Sound bites in press conferences
    • Mention in press releases
    • Complimentary tickets to events